Vizz Africa GPRS MMS APN Settings for iPhone Android Lumia

Vizz Africa GPRS MMS APN Settings for iPhone Android Lumia

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Vizz Africa GPRS MMS Internet APN Settings for iPhone Android Lumia

Internet APN Settings for Android:
Go to Menu tab Settings -> Wireless & networks-> Mobile networks -> Access Point Names -> add New APN and key the following settings
Name : Internet
Proxy : <Not Set>
Port : <Not Set>
Username : <Not Set>
Password : <Not Set>
Server : <Not Set>
MMSC : <Not Set>
MMS Proxy : <Not Set>
MMS Port : <Not Set>
MCC : <Not Set>
MNC : <Not Set>
Authentication type : < Not Set >
APN Type : default

Internet Settings for iPhone 4/5:
In the main menu tab -> Settings-> General Settings -> Network ->Turn ON Cellular Data
Select Cellular Network -> new APN
and type the following data there
Cellular Data:
Username: Blank
Password: Blank
Username: blank
Password: blank
MMSC: Blank
MMS Proxy: Blank
MMS Message Size: 30000
MMS UA Prof URL: default

Internet Settings for Windows 8 Mobiles /Nokia Lumia:
In Settings -> Access Point -> Add a New Profile
Connection Name: VIZZ
Access Point Name:
MMS Access Point Name: Blank
Proxy address: Blank
Proxy Port: Blank
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